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Lawyers Real Estate, P.A. is a private law firm with one practice area: real estate.  The firm was founded on the principle that clients would prefer selling property with the assistance of an attorney over that of a real estate broker.

Before there were real estate brokers, sellers’ brokers, buyers’ brokers, transactional brokers, mortgage brokers and title insurance companies, all real estate transactions were handled by those who were the most highly educated, experienced, and best qualified to handle the job - ATTORNEYS.  Most real estate brokers do not represent the interests of their customers, they are operating as “transactional brokers”. They are hired to “facilitate the sale”, and have no fiduciary responsibility to their customers. Lawyers Real Estate, P.A. represents the client’s interest, and the client’s interest only, as required by the Florida Bar.

Short Sales Melbourne FL


Short sales and strategic default are two methods we employ to defend against foreclosure.

Lawyers Real Estate, P.A. is owned and operated by Tom D. Waldron, Esq. who has been a member of the Florida Bar for twenty years.   Mr. Waldron has been registered with the Florida Real Estate Commission for over thirty years and opened Lawyers Real Estate Brokerage, Inc. which enables the law firm to make all properties available for showing by Realtors.  If a property is shown by a brokerage other than Lawyers Real Estate, Brokerage, Inc., the contracts are still reviewed by your lawyer.

Trying to buy or sell a home in Florida?


Trying to buy or sell a home in Florida? Maybe you need to short sale or structure a strategic default? Lawyers Real Estate PA is here to help with any and all of your real estate needs and can protect you and your legal rights in the process.

Brokers cannot give counsel on mortgage foreclosures, contract law, financing, or any other legal subjects that affect real estate transactions.  Mr. Waldron represents homeowners in court who are facing foreclosure and advises clients in great depth on short sales, strategic defaults, deed in lieu and which course of action is best for the clients’ family.  Clients are counseled on deficiency judgments and tax ramifications of each course of action. If necessary, counsel is available in bankruptcies.  Brokers cannot advise their customers on any such subjects.

Foreclosure Defense Melbourne FL

Short sales and strategic default are two we employ to defend against foreclosure.

Many of the homeowners we represent were referred to us by other lawyers.  If you have a lawyer, that’s great, as Lawyers Real Estate, P.A. cooperates with your lawyer.  Just have him or her give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer his or her questions, and send him copies of all documents if they like.  There is a good chance your attorney will remember us and refer other clients to us in the future.

We can market real estate anywhere in Florida.  Outside Brevard County we hand pick the most competent realtor in that geographic area and (at our firm's cost) hire him or her, and supervise the marketing of the property.

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